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Hi, I'm Kara. 16 years old, lived in Japan, London, Spain, California, and now I'm in New York. My favorites: Indian food. Johnny Depp. Audrey Hepburn. Emily Didonato. Japan. Martinis. Argentina. Germany. Daiquiris. England. California. Victoria's Secret. Men. Parties. Medicine. Journalism. Writing. Reading. Tropical Islands. George Carlin. Adrianna Lima. Models. Logan Lerman. Gaspard Ulliel. Hair. Lavender. Scarlet. Nature. Thai food. Siberian tigers. Native Americans. Mexican food. Beauty Music. House.Tribal Colors. Atheism. Buddhism. Brown University. Columbia University. NYU. New York City. Jimi Hendrix. French techno. Alternative music. Classic rock. Film soundtracks.
The Beatles. Redwood trees. Japan. Water potential. Chocolate covered strawberries. Interior Decorating. Spanish guitar. Hubris. Maraschino cherries. Lingerie. Bookstores. Sex. Virginity. Conspiracies. Barcelona. Apple [company]. Wit. Brevity. Old movies. Nihilism. Deconstructionists. Liberals. Neuroscience. Asian people. Audrey Hepburn Dimples. Eyelashes. Stephen Colbert. Harry Potter. John Greene. Post-its. Marlon Brando in his prime. Food porn. Sarcasm. Taking advantage of stupidity. Not giving a fuck. Gay rights. Tanzania. Olivia Wilde. Greek Mythology. Vegan-ism. Fondant. World history. Wiki leaks. Procrastinating. French women. Spanish men. Aussies. Bill Bryson. Red lipstick. Sushi. Soccer. Beaches. Water. Catcher in the Rye. Superior grammar. House. Playing the trumpet. Skins. Gossip Girl. And tumblr ;]

My life is interesting enough, and like any normal human being, I decided to share it with the world.
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